•   The guest service manager took care of everything from the moment I bought tickets. It was my daughters 23rd birthday she we a little shy but boy she opened up. The men were sexy and entire staff went above and beyond to ensure we all had a special fun night. Thanks everyone.

    thumb Patti A.

      This is the place to come to have a great time with your girls! Thunder from Down Under has nothing on them! This is honestly great for any celebration with the girls. Jeff is amazing and really works to make sure everyone is happy.

    thumb Kathy M.

      I feel like I can't properly rate or begin to know how to review this place. A private dancer was booked for a bachelorette party. None of us have experienced this before so it was all a bit intense. The bride seemed happy but I would not personally want this for myself

    thumb Jan W.

      They only had 3 amateur performers on 06/16/19! The show was not worth $27.50, but the customer service was pretty good & the host was entertaining! Most unwelcoming thing ever, this 1 dancer "Geno or Gio" came to me as said and I quote "put something in here" asking me to put money in his underwear after the show pretty much! He was either high or drunk either way a complete embarrassment to the brand.

    thumb Marquita W.
  •   Love this place.  We're From Oz.  i Yelped this place up... and went with my sister . Flew in from NY. Must do again. Good looking boys. Great show.

    thumb Linda Hung T.

      Owner was very accommodating and helpful. Bride had a great time for her last fling before the ring!

    thumb Taylor R.

      I brought my best friend for her bachelorette party and WE all had a good time. Even the mother of the bride and aunts! The guys make sure to pay attention to everyone and the waiter was so nice and attentive.
    The show runs for about 1.5 hours which felt like a short time because we were having so much fun!
    I highly recommend this place!

    thumb C A.

      I was not too sure what to expect coming into the show.  I have never attended anything like this before.  I had a fun time there and they did a good job involving all of the audience.  I thought it was a little pricey just to get in.

    thumb Michelle M.
  •   Update: Received a call, and was issued a credit for my entire party. I am very pleased that I was reached out to, and I am glad they value their customers. I had to edit my rating because I've been a few times and the shows have always been amazing. I look forward to giving this show another try.

    I have  been to sinzation about two or three times. The shows were excellent and we always had a great time. We attended sinzation in late February. I was the maid of honor and was hosting my best friend's Bachelorette Party there. This show was terrible. There were only three guys from the normal 9 or 10 we are used to seeing. There was no dancing at all. We were placed in the smaller room with no stage. The service was slow and unorganized. I am so disappointed at the quality of this show. We will never be back, and I'm sorry we had my best friend's bachelorette party here. Will not be back in the future.

    thumb Nicole Z.

      Went here for my best friend bachelorette party with a group of friends, honestly we had so much fun and service was great and the dancers were amazing. I would totally do it all over again.

    thumb Pamela G.

      I spoke to Jeff in advance in order to plan a bachelorette party, and he took the time to answer all of my questions. Everything was done online: I organized and invited people, ordered a hot seat, and was able to keep alerted as to who had tickets and who still needed to order. On the day of the party we simply checked in and walked over to our table!
    Our bachelorette and her party of 8 ladies had an amazing time! She was first to receive an individual dance on stage and from then on her night just got even hotter. EVERY woman in our group reviewed individual dances from the men and they all loved it.  Drinks were good and fairly priced; my favorite was the juicy peach. The guys were hot and sweet, and Geo even saw our group outside at the end of his shift and stopped to chat.
    This was my first experience at a male revue, and I was expecting a bigger stage and a little more "show," like Magic Mike style dancing. For our show the men just danced for the woman in the hot seat onstage during their themed show, and the other guys circulated throughout the crowd. It could have just been that there were 5 or more bachelorettes there, too! Updating/renovating the bathrooms would further amplify the experience! We need more light in there!
    We can't complain though because we all had an exciting time! We left Sinzation as giddy as schoolgirls!

    thumb Joanna J.

      My hubby took me here as a surprised and we had such a great time!!! The staff was sooo nice and very welcoming.  They were all very excited that a couple actually had the courage to see the show!  I highly recommend this place for a girls night out or a husband wanting to take his wife out.  The show was really good, they were very attentive to the women celebrating an occasion and the guys are so hot!!! Just make sure you don't violate "Penal Code 6969" ;D

    thumb Jenny S.
  •   Had an amazing time last night! I booked the VIP table for Adams and Marcus bachelor party!! The dancers were great! Got the two bachelors involve!! The Emcee was fabulous! The whole staff was very welcoming! We will be back!!

    thumb Denise R.

      Grab your girlfriends and come see this phenomenal show!! Girls night out, bachelorette party, birthday or whatever you will not be disappointed! The guys are hot, their acts are sex, you can touch almost anywhere They will come to you, OMG it was awesome. They were awesome, I can't wait to go back and every time I had a question before out selected date the owner Jeff answered and was so nice, he answered every question I had. So, ladies this is a must see!!!

    thumb Lisa O.

      Sinzation never disappoints. The owner is so nice. The announcer is great! This is my fifth time here and I am looking forward to coming back again!

    thumb Justyna W.

      Overall great club! Staff was friendly and helpful. The strippers were funny, good lucking, and gentlemen that tried to make you feel comfortable! Or in this case tried to make my friend feel comfortable since it was her spotlight! Lol. She told me they quietly talked to her when giving her a dance on the stage because she was nervous. Drinks were fairly priced. It would have been nice if there were more than 3 men that night but it was a small crowd so I guess its understandable. Although one of the dancers seemed to have his favorites picked out in the audience and didn't make his way around much. I will definitely be returning in the near future! Only thing missing from the show were poles! Lol.

    thumb Jessica B.
  •   Had the pleasure of spending my Saturday evening at Sinzation. The men are hot and really attentive. The show has a great variety of different scenes. I especially liked 50 shades of grey and the shower scene. The staff was courteous and professional. This is a really great place to go with all your girlfriends for a crazy good time!!

    thumb Becky N.

      This place is ridiculously expensive. There are no refunds for ANY reason, even if it's an emergency. They also charge each person a $10 drink minimum per person, NOT including the 18% gratuity they charge for each person. They are unprofessional, lacking customer service, and they are too expensive. This place is a joke! Better to go to Thunder from down under to get better service, better prices, and all around better package. DO NOT GO HERE.

    Also, going to Thunder from down under they do not charge a minimum drink per person at all. Once you buy your ticket you are not forced to buy anything else!

    thumb Kristin R.

      The most professional and incredible staff. They really know how to please the customer and are very personable, which I like. There was and issue with the ATM and the owner jumped to have it looked at immediately, which shows they are very considerate the customer does not have issues. The dancers were very classy gentlemen and wonderful. My friend whose bachelorette party it was, enjoyed her time and I really enjoyed this place for the entertainment and fun atmosphere! We will be coming back for more fun in the future and thank you!

    thumb Melani T.

      My friends and I came here for a bachelorette party and every single server, hostess, bouncer etc worked together to make sure we had the most incredible evening. Dawn especially was a wonderful host.

    thumb Mary M.
  •   Brought my best friend here for her bachelorette party. I decided to give this place a shot based on the amazing reviews. I noticed fellow yelpers saying how men were welcome and since we had a male in our group, I thought this place would be perfect! I was NOT DISAPPOINTED in my decision!!!! Best. Time. Ever.  The dancers were so sweet and hilarious!! You could really tell they were having fun and enjoying their jobs. The set up and flow of the show was absolutely perfect. Every employee there was so friendly and their service was A+! Could not have had a better time! Thank you for being the highlight of my best friends bachelorette party weekend!!

    thumb Alyssa R.

      Recently hosted a Bachorlette party here. What a night! I'm being completely honest here and usually this is not my type of thing, at all ! But I had such a great night out at Sinzation. Everyone was so nice (and sexy). The MC and host was magnificent too. My friends had the best time celebrating our friends bachorlette that they all want to go back for their birthdays! Good job SinZation!

    thumb Virginia B.

      Amazing night for my sister in laws bacholorette party night! It was a fun and everyone was very friendly ...Ty was my fav and he even stayed around after the show and after the lights came on to take more pics with us.

    thumb Dyann F.

      Oh my God...where do I start....

    Brought my friend for her bachelorette party. The MC was a riot. The men were beautiful. You can touch them...almost anywhere. Lol. And even our waiter started getting into the act, and dancing with us. And he was a great server, super nice, personable, wonderful.  

    All the men were just gorgeous. And friendly. They WILL get you involved, so be ready to have fun and roll with it.

    Lost track of how much booze we consumed, but a party of 6 young girls ran up a $200 tab. We drank a LOT though.

    I'll be back for my birthday....and Easter...and Martin Luther King Day...and National Pie Month. Lol.

    thumb Draenna J.
  •   a little raunchy for my liking. to be fair it is a strip club, but I guess I was expecting to be watching a show, not  be pressured to be part of it. I went for a friends bachelorette party.the strippers are pretty aggressive and hands on. one grabbed my chair from behind   me (totally unexpected and scared the crap out of me) and pulled it way onto the floor away from the table. (I guess to start giving me a lapdance). I immediately pulled my chair back under the table and  shook my head no at him. he pulled it out again anyways and looked at me like im the crazy one. I again pulled my chair away from him and said no. he left me alone that time and I guess the other strippers also figured out to do the same.

    these strippers are not joking around. the host announced anything but penetration goes and she wasn't kidding. I watched the whole night and did not participate. these men were full on grinding on women. some of them put their faces in womens crotches. a girl in our group reports that one man BIT her crotch area....I cant confirm that but that's what she said. seems a little over the top. I also saw another stripper pulling womens shirts down to the point where their bras became exposed. without asking them. I would have  been mortified had they done any of that to me.

    the whole night was so hands on sexual, that another girl in our group claims the strippers were getting boners while doing their lapdances etc. I personally find that very gross.

    I guess in summary-its a strip club.its intended to be of sexual, adult nature. and by golly, youll get your money worth.

    the part that I did not like was the lack of consent to perform on women.most women did not ask for their personal dances, the strippers just came up and began!  I shouldn't have to ask the same performer twice in a row not to touch me. I shouldn't have to worry about a stripper pulling my shirt partially off without asking me first. i shouldn't have to be concerned about my genital area being bitten for crying out loud!

    But that said, I read other peoples yelp reviews and I am clearly In the minority. most people love the show. its just not for me.

    thumb Annonymous A.

      I really want it to love it, and it was starting great, but at the end we were getting angry . First thing we bought a $80 vip ticket for our bachelorette  which includes hot seat, tiara, dance on stage, a picture with the dancers and they give us one more dance on stage  on a house but in reality she got one dance and it was the worst dance  of all of them . She is pregnant and the guy was taking her delivery, after he throw the baby on the floor wooooooww,really. We didn't got the second dance at all,we didn't got the tiara ever, also if you wanna have fun take a seat on the first row ,because the guys are not really coming  on the second row and we did had like $200 on the table, I hade $65 and I left with $40 and most of the money I was giving to the girls in front. Don't take me wrong the guys are hot and dance amazing  but they can make twice much money if they will give  attention to all girls .  Also the quality of the picture,come on my phone does much better and people pay for it $10  So if you want to come remember don't buy VIPs seat , stay on the front row  and do pictures with your phone if it's a good model the picture will be much better.

    thumb Jenny B.

      Went here for my sister's bachelorette party and had a phenomenal time.  Use the Yelp! code to get a discount!  We were there during the "off" season, so there were only 15 or so people there and 3 dancers.  The guys were hot and so much fun.  Each person in the room got some attention (proportional to the number of ones they were hiding...) The MC is hilarious.  You get free admission to the club after but it was pretty dead when the show ended, so we ended up down the street for awhile.  The location in boys town is perfect for continuing your night on the town.  If you go in off season I wouldn't purchase the "hot seat" because you will get more than enough attention without it. All in all a reasonably priced night on the town and wonderfully memorable for the bride and all the girls involved.

    thumb Sarah F.

      Let me preface this review by stating I had never been to a show like this before, so I cannot say I have anything else to compare it to.  For my best friend's bachelorette party, she more or less hinted that this was the sort of thing she wanted to do.  I was honestly a little nervous about what we were getting ourselves into, but I am so happy we chose Sinzation!  Since the party, many of us have been trying to come up with future celebrations so that we can go back SOON!

    First off, I think it is a pretty good deal for a girls' night out or for a special occasion.  I don't think anyone in our group complained about the show being too expensive.  The evening of our show, I think it may have been a less busy evening because there were about 4 dancers and tons of space between all of the tables.

    The biggest thing I can comment on is how friendly, accommodating, and helpful all of the staff and dancers are.  I organized the party reservation on Buytix for all of the guests to buy their tickets, and Jeff made planning it so easy for me and answered all of my questions whenever I needed help or didn't understand something.  Our hostess Honey West was fabulous and so funny and wonderful.  She made us so excited for what was in store for us!  The waiters took care of anything we needed (like everyone has stated before, the drinks are priced very reasonably for being in the city).  

    And the guys... Wow!!  You'll just have to see for yourself.  Our party was seated at one of the front row tables (go with the VIP option), and we were certainly not disappointed by the view.  The routines were great, and it was fun to get some individual attention too. 😀  The guys are really attractive, fun, and so sexy and confident.  Love it!!  (Totally wanted to take Blake home with us - just saying...)  I also would like to note the dancers are extremely polite, and they do care about your comfort.  I was asked a couple of times if I was comfortable, which definitely made me feel like we were all in good hands.

    The only small critique I would offer is that we went with the Honoree plus package to get all of the extra goodies (the blinky ring, tiara, photo at the end of the show with the guys), and we found out in the morning that our Bachelorette's boa had dyed her neck and dress blue. Bummer!

    All in all, my best friend had a fabulous time that she won't soon forget.  So thanks to everyone at Sinzation for making her last night out before her wedding so exciting and such a blast!!

    thumb Elizabeth A.
  •   Guys are hot and show is non stop awesomeness! Great for all the girls put there. Blake is hottest and "showers" you w lots of love.

    thumb Shayna N.

      If you can't afford to go to Vegas for your bachelor/ette party then this is the only place to go.  The staff is so very friendly and helpful and the dancers are professional and very sweet. Every person that is there working absolutely has EVERYONES best interest at heart. My only advise to anyone reading this is make your reservations in advance as it was jam packed when we were there yet everyone felt included. The host is Honey West and she is incredible on the Mic.  
    Absolutely the best place to end or start your evening of shenanigans?}!!

    Derrick Taylor
    Taylor and Company Events
    Chicago IL

    thumb Derrick T.

      Attended the Sat 8pm show 8.1.14 and had a blast. Chose this for a bachelorette and we were not disappointed. All 5 of the dancers did a great job of making everyone feel included. It wasn't cheesy at all. Really well done all around. Blake was especially good. Nice touch having plenty of singles available. Check out the private dances.  Thanks for a memorable fun night!

    thumb Arlene A.

      I've been to sinzation on 3-4 different occasions now and each time has been better than the last! They change the show up every so often so it's not always the same thing over and over again which is nice. The entertainers are WONDERFUL! I've been to the male revue shows at Mother's (also in Chicago) & Thunder from Down Under, and I have to say Sinzation blows both of them totally out of the water. Everyone in that crowd gets attention if they want it! The guys are entertaining as hell without being creepy or sleezy in anyway. The show itself is great, Blake's "businessman" routine is AWESOME. Don't ever cut it. Seriously. It's great lol. The guys are as gentlemanly as possible considering the fact that they are walking around nearly nude  🙂 I LOVE this place! Can't wait to come back this fall for my bachelorette party!!!!

    thumb Sara L.
  •   God help me, I was the Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding.  I'm not the really girly type that lives for wedding planning, but Sinzation really helped me out by being the cornerstone of my sister's bachelorette party!

    The venue itself is clean and spacious.  I love that it's in BoysTown, and I also love that there were so many Gay Pride flags hanging from the walls.

    What I loved about the show:

    1) The host.  She has the voice of a pop star or Las Vegas performer.  She was witty, down-to-earth, and charming.

    2) The reasonable prices for add-ons.  I went to my friend's bachelorette party in NYC, and the NYC strip club's prices were unreasonably high for things like group photos..

    3) Drink prices, according to my other guests, were incredibly cheap!

    4) The featured performer was very nice.

    What I wasn't a huge fan of about the show:

    1) For lack of better phrasing, they didn't didn't have a "climax" to the show..  Or they did (not going to ruin what it kind of was), but then they kind of kept going back and forth between group skits and then bum rushing the audience and dry humping the members of the audience.

    For anyone who works for the show, that solo performance by the featured guy, I would end the show on that, because everything after that felt less exciting..

    2) I kind of thought every guy kind of had his one or two favorite moves and stuck to it, and it got kind of boring, because every time they bum rushed the audience, I knew what they were going to do..

    3) Some of the guys smelled like sweat..  I know it's difficult because they're dancing their butts off, but I couldn't help but smell them..

    4) The show is like 30 minutes too long in my opinion.  I think the same thing about the NYC one that I went to.. 1.5 hours is plenty..  

    But overall, I would recommend Sinzation to any bachelorette party that wants to do a strip club event!  The guys are respectable and nice, and you get your money's worth!

    ...And bring singles! 😉

    thumb Rona H.

      My MOH hosted my bachelorette party here.

    She got us front center, front row seats! I had 9 people in my party, so 5 people sat in front of the table and 4 behind the table. The 5 people in front got waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more attention than the people behind. The back row got maybe like 2-3 lap dances, including ones that I lured the dancers to go to them with dollar bills. The front row got maybe 5-6 X's more dances.

    There was a routine to the show. One guy would strip on stage, then come to the floor and all the other dancers would come out and they would all pick random people to dance on. A lot of times they grab your hands and run your hands down their oily, sweaty chests. They would also quickly jerk your chair forward towards them, where your face immediately is greeted by their crotch. It's a surprise sometimes!

    My MOH paid for me to have a VIP dance on stage. It was pretty much the same as when I wasn't on stage but I was sitting on stage w/ 3 other ladies. She also graciously paid for us to get a group picture and me to get a single picture at the end w/ the dancers.

    I think I remember maybe 3/6 dancers to be attractive. It was weird they only wore briefs though... I expected G strings! It was VERY PG. We saw a few behinds, and no frontal (which was expected).

    The routine got pretty old after a while... after 45 minutes, my MOH and I looked at our watches and said "are they really going to do this same thing for another hour...?" Yes, yes they did. One guy goes on stage, strips, then all strippers come out and dance on you and then repeat.

    I think they need to change it up and make it more entertaining...

    The drinks were fairly cheap. Average of $7.50/drink, 2 drinks were $10.50, shots were surprisingly $2.50. I read reviews online saying the bill has to be paid by one person... so I put it on my credit card and my party paid me in cash, so be prepared for that. I don't understand why we cannot get an itemized receipt until AFTER the bill is paid though... puts the person who pays at risk of not being paid back the full amount... which is what happened to me... and I'm the bachelorette and I don't drink!

    There were tons of other bachelorette parties there at the same time. It was a good one time experience!

    thumb Shin M.

      Came here for my aunt's 40th birthday and it was well worth it. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to have a fun time for their bachelorette, birthday or anytype of party. Just a reminder bring alot of singles!

    thumb Ella M.

      I planned a Bachelor party (yes, you read that correctly) for my friends who were getting married, who happen to be gay.  They had requested that we attend a male revue, and to be honest... I was very concerned that they would be treated differently.  I called the owner several times and he was very accommodating and assured me that the night would go off without a hitch- and it did!  It was a great night, we all had a terrific time!  The dancers were very good at making sure EVERYONE was having a good time, even the shy gals.  The scenes weren't cheesy or dumb, it wasn't what I expected at all- much more! I would come back again for another bachelorette party!  It was an enjoyable experience!!

    thumb Margeaux C.
  •   I organized a bachelorette party for my friend from Nashville and I chose here because of the views. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. The manager guy was super helpful on the phone organizing it and I used their online invite system so everyone could pre pay for their ticket ahead of time online with one simple click and I could see who paid. Then we ordered a GIGANTIC pizza and the owner was very helpful and there to answer any questions.

    The show was amazing. I did not expect there to be so much interaction with those guys. And they were HOT! One of them really looked like Justin Timberlake. It was too hilarious, too fun, and nonstop. Everything a bachelorette party should be and more. The guys were really into it. Best time ever!

    thumb Stacey W.

      went for birthday party. had a blast!  if youre looking for a "magic mike" night this is your place!

    thumb Anna B.

    I was extremely shocked to hear from the owner and dancers that my fiancée and I were the first same-sex couple to have our Bachelor Party there. If you have any homosexual or bisexual male friends and want to do something really awesome for them, BRING THEM HERE!!!

    Yes, the ladies having their bachelorette parties the same night looked like they had a blast too, but my fiancée and I were treated JUST like the ladies were by the dancers and the staff. I had never been to a male revue before but I can honestly say that I'm very sorry I had not. Yes, the great company of my dearest friends and sister helped make everything awesome, but the fact that the dancers and the staff were so attentive was a cherry on top.

    I didn't know what to expect. I have been to female dancer strip clubs plenty of times and let me tell you, this was way better. The MC was hilarious, the men were hot, drinks were cold, they serve champagne, they'll take group photos with you and your group, they give out prizes to all of the honorees and being on the hot seat was great! The dancers are VERY friendly and they definitely don't just dance for the money. You can tell that they love what they do and that can make or break anyone's experience. In our case, every dancer and the staff's hospitality is also responsible for us wanting to go back next chance we get. Stop looking at other ideas or places, if the honoree of your party finds guys attractive and likes to have a blast, THIS IS YOUR SPOT. Also, online ticketing = F'AWESOME!!!

    thumb David A.

      This place is great.  The check in process was simple and the people there were very friendly (I think it might have been the owner).  We were directed in by our server who explained that there was a two drink minium and immediately asked us if we would like to start out with a drink.  The place inside was cleaner than I was anticipating (I mean, this is a strip club we're talking about).  Our drinks were brought out right away and were decently priced for their size.

    The show itself was perfect, there were a few technical difficulties with the music and video screens but the host of the show was a real pro and just made a joke about it and moved right along.

    If you're paying for a "DIVA Package" -- you really get your money's worth.  You get a tiara, boa, and your "diva" gets her own private dance. Just make sure they are a good sport about it because the men aren't shy when they are entertaining the divas.

    I will definately be back again.

    thumb Rachel W.