With so many male revue shows in the area, this is a question that we get every day – after all, people want to find the best show around for their night out. In a nutshell, SinZation is different because we are more theatrical; we incorporate dynamic lighting and high resolution video on multiple screens throughout the show, each segment is themed and while part of each set is on-stage, the entertainer then comes into the crowd to interact with the guests. Finally, our emcee sets our show apart from all the others because Honey West is a transgender woman who works extremely hard to make every guest feel at ease and encourages them to “just have fun”!

If you want to look further into what makes us different, or help making your decision on which show to see, click here!

Here at SinZation, we believe in keeping our show fresh and unique, and are always adding new features. Season 15 of SinZation’s Male Revue is in rehearsal RIGHT NOW and you won’t want to miss your chance to see it! The new season will be featuring several never before seen sets, with “Phantom of the Opera” being one of the most exciting new segments.

With mind blowing special effects and brand new choreography, we’re starting off our 2018 season with a bang. and we hope you’ll join us to experience it for yourself!